Mountain Hut

Surrounded by unspoiled nature, you can combine activity with relaxation and enjoy your stay at Hotel Mountain Hut to the fullest. The area is ideal for hiking and mountain climbing, skiing and mountain bike excursions. Young and old get their money’s worth and enjoy a memorable stay.  You and your family will experience unforgettable moments in the stylish ambience that such a beautiful location provides.


Upcoming Events

Get an overview of the activities we offer and enjoy the atmosphere of the various events.  There is something for everyone. We present music and dance, virtual trips through the surrounding countryside and delicious evenings where you get to know and enjoy the culinary delights of the region.

You can always check our website to see our current range of events and take advantage of all the offers while staying at the Mountain Hut Hotel. We look forward to your visit and promise that you will thoroughly enjoy your stay with us.